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May '10

Poker Very Very Good To Me.

Go to sleep in Canada, wake up in Seattle, go to bed in Olympia. What a day.

Didn’t even get my nap in with trying to get down to Olympia to put the Osso Buca (that Curt made) in the oven at four. Felt like I spent today running around with my head cut off.

Dave (the straight neighbor upstairs), Rich, Curt, and me for the lovely dinner — I made the salad, Dave brought the wine.

Poker at 7:30 when Ross, Martin, and Spencer made a table of six for the game — and my luck was good — up about $20, which was mostly in quarters, which will be great for my trip to prison next week to visit Steve — the deal is that you can bring in $20 in quarters to feed the vending machines for snack (all crap) for you and your inmate during the visit.

Speaking of that trip, I still haven’t figured what I’m doing after the visit to Steve… back home straightaway, to Glacier National Park (is the Going To The Sun road open yet?), back to Yellowstone? There are two events on Sunday — a memorial service for Glenn and a 10-year-vertical Dindons wine tasting, so that limits my choices somewhat.

There is always tomorrow — when I need to pack the car and finalize the details.

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