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May '10

Change Of Plans, Again.

And Adding Of Others.

It was nice to sleep in this morning… 9:30! I’m starting to feel as if my body is catching up on its disrupted sleep cycles of the last couple of weeks.

This morning found me getting the last remaining confirmations about the rest of the trip. When I looked at the printed version of my calendar, I realized “oh, shit”… the later part of the trip was off by a day. I didn’t have any place to stay on Thursday night with the prison visit to Steve planned for Friday…opps. Now I know why I still like having a large printed version of my calendar.

Time to get on the Yellowstone lodging site to see if Thursday night is available, as Friday night is in Deer Lodge on a non-refundable rate.

No Queen, shared bath, but an upper end room (bathroom en-suite) for $149 + tax – which when I cancel Saturday’s room, and the condo in McCall on the way back will cancel each other out – and I can come straight home from Deer Lodge in 8 hours – saving me about 800 miles and a lot of gas.

Speaking of gas, the Jag is getting a respectable 25 miles per gallon when I leave it on cruise control most of the time… not surprising considering that at 70 miles per hour the engine RPM’s are about 2500, slightly over idle.

Of course, by the time I finished putting that graphic in, I’d decided to add Craters of the Moon National Monument – which means less miles, but more time since it’s less freeway mileage.

And talking of additional plans – how about two weeks in Germany in August. How do you do that with frequent flyer miles (100,000 plus $91 in fees/taxes) for something three months out, in Europe, in Business Class?

The answer is:

  • On the phone (which I hate, probably because of my low minutes plan)
  • Have back up cities in case Berlin which I wanted didn’t pan out. It Europe – get on a train to get to your final destination. My preferred cities, in order:
  1. Berlin
  2. Amsterdam
  3. Frankfurt
  4. Dusseldorf
  5. Paris
  6. London
  • Be REALLY flexible – a week before (though it finally only took two days prior), be willing to overnight in-route (Dallas for a night)
  • Be really PATIENT as it will take at least half an hour, probably more like an hour to figure out partner airlines, who flies where direct, etc.
  • Do your homework as to the airlines partners and cities and gateways. It will speed up the process as you search for the elusive free (or close to) transatlantic flight in a premium class during the summer.

Other than sitting in front of the computer, sitting on the phone, I actually got a little shopping in. A wheel for the gate, and a plan to install it (though I’ll have to fabricate it somewhat), stops at a couple of thrift stores for 5-line phones – unsuccessful, but I did find a kneeler for Hummingbird…

And if he doesn’t want it Fluffernutter does… $10 – marked down from $45 to $35 to $20 and finally to $10.

File this under “freak of nature'” — hugh hail storm (so much for my car wash today that the grounds crew already got a ton of dust on) followed my a down pour… just minutes after I managed to get the kneeler into the back seat of the Jag — those of you who have seen the backseat will be amused at the thought. Guess I’ll wait until the morning to see if the car is hail pitted. Will post pictures tomorrow.

Dinner tonight is a steak, baked potato, salad, and the rest of the Coppola Claret from last night.

And, like last night, a relaxing hot tub after dinner.

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And Adding Of Others.

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