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May '10

Wanted And Unwanted Guests.

Damn Crows.

Out of the house at 9am this morning to pick up Tokyo Dave at SeaTac. He is coming for an overnight stop on his way from Tokyo to San Francisco to see me, and renew his US driver’s license.

A little grocery shopping followed “license department waiting hell”, and late in the afternoon of hanging around the house it was off to the apartment to pick up shirts and a package.

Here is today’s humorous story about wanted and unwanted guests. Tokyo Dave would be the wanted guest, a couple of crows, the unwelcome guests.

For dinner I defrosted the deer back chops that Alan sent me home with on my December trip to Juneau. The BBQ was ready and I took the plate out with the four chops on it, went back in the house for something… came back to find three chops rather than four and a couple of squawking crows in the alley… Tokyo Dave found the fourth chop sitting on top of a fence post half eaten. And yes, I washed it off and put it on the BBQ with the others.

Thought you would find it assuming that crows here in the city have such good taste.

Before, the crow eaten chop:

And the fine meal after.

Finished the evening with a little soak in the hot tub before draining it since I’ll be out of town for almost a week – no need to run up the electric bill, and it was time for the water to be changed anyway.


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Damn Crows.

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