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Jun '10

Off To Santa Cruz For The Night.

Got out of Berkeley around noon, and was checked in and texting CruzDude by 2. No time before his 3:30-12:00 shift, so we will get together after work. Staying at the Ramada Limited for like $60 with tax. Not bad, fridge, microwave, soundproof side-to-side (though not from the sidewalk, but it wasn’t noisy after 10), free wireless, continental breakfast.

I do love Santa Cruz… so much eye-candy, so little soap.

Brought the portable GPS with me — and programmed all the thrift store locations into the favorites. Came away with nothing. Oh well, with the two phones and four bottles of booze in my checked luggage, I’m sure the TSA will be opening my bag.

Dinner was a little late… 8pm (well, that’s late for me). Limonecello was the spot — just across the street. I had a bit of a late lunch, and didn’t want to be too full for later… the dinner answer? No salad, but just an entree of the veal and pancetta stuffed handmade ravioli’s in a sage, pine nut, light cream/butter sauce… with a glass of Temperanillo (Spanish red).

CruzDude got there about 12:30 — just finished Letterman… left an hour and a half later and it was off to bed for me.

What am I saying, I was already in bed.

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One Response to “Off To Santa Cruz For The Night.”

  1. Eric Gowins Says:

    I lived in Santa Cruz for several years back in the 80s. Haven’t been there in years and years. Do they still have laws prohibiting ugly people?