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Jun '10

Let The Al Fresco Dining Season Begin.

Started the day late by laying in bed… it was good until I went to find the Wall Street Journal which was gone. 🙁

Still working through the list of chores – got the locks rekeyed to just one for dead-bolts, door handles, and garage handles. MoonSong has a key, and I have one waiting for Johnny for his occasional visits. Everybody else gets to do the word-combination locks on the fence gates and then the key-box by the back door.

Got a little further in the trap-door project by cutting down the size of the spacers to get a door totally even with the floor… one more tweet tomorrow and it should be finished. Now I just need a rug to put over it – yes, all that work soon to be covered up.

Michael and Dancing Bear showed up at about 5 to start working on re-systemizing Michael’s Acer Netbook… Mick didn’t have an external DVD drive, and I had one for exactly the same reason – to work on my Acer which is currently the web-surfing computer for the living room. Swanda showed up early from his play-date that he might have described as so “vanilla” that it was probably “imitation vanilla”.

As you can see from the photo – Al Fresco Dining Season has started…

Items of note:

  • Gin and tonic in hand
  • Wine ready to go for dinner
  • Small HDTV showing the ABC news
  • BBQ plugged in and coals starting to glow
  • Fresh bread in the warming oven

A couple of pork loins, baked potatoes, salad, couple of bottles of wine and much laughter.


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One Response to “Let The Al Fresco Dining Season Begin.”

  1. Swanda Says:

    It was actually NBC News, but I won’t tell. Lester Holt works for NBC, not ABC.