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Jun '10

Waiting For Guidot

I Mean Gravel.

Projects I thought about today:

  • Fixing the fan in the bathroom (which really means plowing into the bathroom wall to add a switch for the fan separate from the light switch and adding GFI outlet – talk about project creep – might farm that one out to MoonSong since I hate working up in all that loose insulation.
  • Designing the wine cellar since summer (and the heat of summer) is coming up. Under the trap door would be the naturally coolest place in the house – hell I could even up in a small air conditioner.
  • Finished the shimming of the trap door, guess that goes with the design above.

And the projects I did get to day:

  • Preparing the back yard alley area for 4 cubic yards of driveway rock.

The brown stuff is weed-block – looks like I’ll need a minimum of 3 yards of driveway gravel, probably more like 4.

Dinner tonight is not al fresco… one sunny day and the rain and drizzle has returned. It’s just me, a steak, some spinach and maybe a little wine for the heart.


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I Mean Gravel.

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