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Jun '10

Five Yards Delivered

One Half Yard Moved.

If I wasn’t sore and beat up from yesterday’s construction projects, moving half a yard of crushed gravel didn’t help.

And in a humorous act of nature – here is a close-up of a couple of larger chunks of gravel that rolled off the pile…

I kid you not, that’s how they landed. Now I just have to enlist MoonSong to help distribute it. Too bad there wasn’t much maneuvering room for the truck to drop a nice clean line. So little room that there was 6″ on either side of the truck mirrors coming down the alley.

A quiet dinner with Swanda tonight… salmon, steamed green beans, salad, the news.

And we close with a song… My Bags Are Packed, I’m Ready to Go (Momma and the Pappas).


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One Half Yard Moved.

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