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Jun '10

Above 10,000 Feet Again.

This Time In A Metal Tube.

Checked out a little after 9 and headed back to Kahului to top off the tank and check out Costco for Hawaiian shirts, which I found a couple of them at $13.95 each… finally.

Hawaiian airports were never designed for post-911 security, so it is always a cluster-f#@k to check-in and get through security — made worse by the guys manning my line who rescanned my bag three times, each time taking more and more of the electronics out to get it to pass. Now you know why I always arrive at the airport two hours early.

Today’s photo is an interesting airplane on the tarmac — inter-island cargo I’m guessing, and old as sin, but still operating.

If you look closely you can see that the windows have been tinned over. Any clue the make and model (colonels?)

Lunch/Dinner on the flight home was damn fine… and it was plane food. Lamb-chop (actually medium rare!) with a port mushroom sauce with scallop potatoes and a chef’s salad to start.

Funny thing is that it almost the exact meal I made for myself last night.

Except mine was a shrimp Caesar salad rather than a Chef’s salad.

Got in a little after 9pm and was home a little before 10pm, and in bed a little after 11pm for tomorrow I head to the coast with the poker boys.

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One Response to “Above 10,000 Feet Again.

This Time In A Metal Tube.”

  1. Eric Gowins Says:

    Easy……..that’s a Shorts Bombardier, built by a UK/Irish outfit in the mid-80s.
    You going to Europe with us?