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Jun '10

Hay River To Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.

I didn’t have to worry about oversleeping for my 8am flight — I woke up every hour freezing in the rental car and had to run the engine for a few minutes to get the chill off.

Eighteen out of thirty two seats filled, and a massive wall of freight on the other side where the other two seats in a four seat row with center aisle. Four armed cops on board, on holiday, not for security, which was non-existent since it was a flight between non-secured terminals.

I haven’t been able to preview the video on my crappy netbook (NOT travelling with this one ever again), but here is my walk from the terminal to my seat on the plane:

There is another short video of the engine spinning up (I was seated right over the wing), and of my exit from the DC-3 in Yellowknife on YouTube if you poke around user: markstephensouder.

When we got to Yellowknife, I discovered that they have at least half a dozen working DC-3’s still in service (not including those parked at Hay River to looked like they were mostly for parts).

I might have to buy a t-shirt, but the sign on the store at their terminal in Yellowknife said M-F 8-5. Apparently they have done a IceRoad style documentary about their IceAir Deliveries — the DC-3 doesn’t need a traditional runway, just some flat clear ground (or packed snow).

Lunch at the French Bistro called Le Frolic. Mimosa and Eggs Benedict since it was the Saturday brunch menu. The dinner menu looked interesting, but not sure I’m ready to spend the $75 or so that a delightful meal of  what looks like high-end, local ingredient French cooking.

Hit a shop for post cards for Steve and SwandaMom — I picked up stamps yesterday at a gas stop that had a post office. Add two thrift stores — yes, even here, loading videos on YouTube while I had a much needed warm nap, and that was my afternoon.

Dinner tonight at the restaurant here in the hotel (Chateau Nova and Suites) at Papa Jim’s Roadhouse on the third floor. Guessing that it won’t be as nice… but I’ve already dropped $150 on this hotel. At least this one I got for over 24 hours since I was able to check in at 10:30 — and that shower shortly after was definitely needed.

Speaking of the hotel, it’s built into the side of a hill:

The flight tomorrow doesn’t leave until 4:30, which is a little troublesome since the shuttle is at 1:15 and 3:50, which means the 3:50 would be cutting it close to get checked in… and 1:15 is REALLY early, though I could wander around and take pictures of old planes.

It’s going to be an early night for me.

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  1. Swanda Says:

    Why yes, I see you were in stealth mode taking that video…great views of the runway! Sounds like you are having a fun time.