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Jun '10

Job Hunting.

Now If It Just Paid.

The big event today was re-working my resume – last date on it was 2008. It must mean that I’m getting serious about finding more work. Of course, the “job” that the resume and cover letter are for doesn’t pay. What is this thing? A seat on the Amtrak Customer Advisory Committee.

I guess I should be looking for something that does pay. And I need to get the web-site updated, guess that will be tomorrow’s chore.

Today’s pictures are related to yesterday’s post about the bridge closing next Wednesday – as you can see the county has come and boarded up some of the building they own that are in the path of the new bridge should they ever find the money for it:

Looks like a total of four buildings are being boarded up – all I can see is “giant graffiti magnet”.

And while we are on the topic of pictures, ever wonder what the view from my roof was like?

Why was I up there? To see what the view would be if I got a 19′ scissor lift for the back yard to mount a 2-top (two person dining table) on – turns out I’m going to need the 32′ lift if I want to get the view across the Duwamish River that I’m looking for.

Just a chef’s salad for dinner tonight – trying to get rid of that big hunk of ham I defrosted – add some boiled eggs, a little lettuce, some dressing.


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Now If It Just Paid.

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