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Jun '10

Fall Friday.

Summer Is Gone, We Are Onto Fall.

After a snippy “customer feedback” email to Metro, now there are maps posted on their site as to what is going to happen about the three bus lines that come through South Park. Salamander, this is for you:


I got some work done on the Studio 403 website – not enough, but I found the major elements, checks are in the mail, old clients emailing to make peace, not a bad day.

Dinner with Swanda tonight: chicken spetzle (was supposed to be noodles, but they didn’t quite turn out) soup with vegetables and some sour cream, a little white wine (OK, a bottle, but there were two of us), and conversation.

Post dinner back to the house to look/plan where the pad for the scissor lift will go.

No rest for the wicked.


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Summer Is Gone, We Are Onto Fall.

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