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Jun '10

Monday On The Road.

Curt spent the night, so it was a slow morning. Or maybe it was a slow morning because off the hoopla last night. I’m guessing the later.

Out of bed at 10, breakfast for both of us at 11, out of the house a little after 1 headed, first to the apartment, then to Portland.

Why Portland. Julian and Jamshed. Haven’t seen Julian in awhile, and want to see Jamshed while I can, he is in Portland trying to regain his health which was going downhill at Breitenbush.

Arrived a little after 4pm, before Julian got off work, did a little shopping at Fred Meyer (black jeans and allergy pills) and did a little reading to kill the time.

Boring entry today — I’m even bored by it.

Eat steak and cole slaw (the slaw we forgot to make and eat last night), drank into the night. Went to bed.

Like I said, boring except that the conversation wasn’t.


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One Response to “Monday On The Road.”

  1. Swanda Says:

    “off the hoopla last night. I’m guessing the later” should likely read: of the hoopla last night. I’m guessing the latter.

    So you are in Portland and so there you go…guess I will bring packages to your abode tomrrow with the cuck/tomato/mozzerella salad.