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Jun '10

If It’s Tuesday It Must Be Belgium.

Sorry, It’s Portland.

Must get new client. Must stop hanging out with bartenders and other night owls.

Noon finds Julian and I at the Produce Row Cafe — a once seedy neighborhood (produce district — i.e. trucks, warehouses, etc) bar.eatery that got pimped out a couple of years ago. Luckily the food is still as good as ever.

A couple of junk shopping stops — Sally Ann and Hippo Hardware that yield nothing, and then it’s home for a hap for me, and preparing ESL lessons for Julian. He volunteers in Gresham to help immigrants assimilate. Don’t say that after a couple of drinks.

While Julian is teaching, I’m having dinner with Jamshed… a dear Sufi Sheik friend of mine at Fishwife, halfway between Juilian and Jamsheds (the J boys). We both thought it was great — Yelp reviews were all over the board. Go figure.

Back at the house after dinner (and Julian’s return from ESL land) it’s drinking wine while he cooks tacos for dinner (smelled great, the left over slaw as a compliment), and then talking frequent flyer mile stuff.

He’s half way to Delta Elite status — he didn’t know about free upgrades, free bags, all that stuff, and by the end of the evening I’ve booked him to Mexico City via Atlanta, and he gets to overnight with dad (in Atlanta), earn 14,000 frequent flier miles (plus the 14,00 he has — Elite!) for a whopping $380.17. It will be good for him.


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Sorry, It’s Portland.

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