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Jul '10

The Day Of Niggling Details.

Now that everything is back open after the holiday weekend it’s time to deal with all the niggling details that have piled up over the last couple of days:

  • Figure out PayPal address for the place I bought the scissor lift from
  • Find out delivery cost or maybe I should just drive it home at 2.5 miles an hour
  • Call Car Tender and get the Jag in to figure out erratic dashboard warning lights and fix passenger side window which now refuses to go beyond half mast
  • Get with Fluffernutter to hand-off religious items for Canada and figure out when he’s arriving Vancouver later this month so I know if I’m on a one-day or two day trip
  • Figure out who to invite to dinner for the chicken that’s thawing
  • Figure out what night between now and the 16th that Councilman Curt and Peace Corp bound Dave can come to dinner.

And the answers are basically, it should all become clear TOMORROW. Delivery is $100 and they should be able to do tomorrow, car can go into the shop tomorrow, a two-night trip, Jill for chicken, and Dave will let me know… tomorrow.

Continued cleaning out the refrigerator the slow way… eating my way through it. That meant salad and a mix of the black-eyed peas and collard greens for dinner.



2 Responses to “The Day Of Niggling Details.”

  1. H20Blanco Says:

    We talked once upon a time about your oven thermostat. Was it ever done or are you till waiting for my next trip to the Great Northwet?

  2. markso Says:

    Waiting for your next trip to the great northwet!