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Jul '10

PuddyCat Go Bye, Bye?

With PuddyCat’s expensive stay at the spa, it got me thinking about replacements. A search of black convertibles within 50 miles under $20,000 turned up four possibilities (well, more than that, but four that have styling/handling that I can live with).

I test drove the Mini today, tomorrow I’ve got an appointment to drive the 350Z (far right, above). The mini had plenty of get up and go, not much better back seat room than the PuddyCat, and a trunk smaller than the Miata. They are a grand low on the trade in (according to Kelley’s etc.) and a grand high on price (again, according to Kelley’s etc.). And then there is the toy-like quality — lots of plastic that didn’t seem to hold up very well.
Then off to a wine tasting of “world cup” wines (i.e. South African) at EVS (European Vine Selections) – picked up a rose method champenoise and an old vine pinotage – both a little more expensive than I prefer, but they were quite good.

It seems that the rest of the day was spent doing car research and wondering if the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t.


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