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Jul '10

Another Test Drive.

The BBQ Was Better.

Today’s test drive is a 350Z that is sitting up in Everett (45 minutes north) on the Nissan Performance lot. I tried to see this one yesterday, but ran out of time.

The result of my test drive: the dog has fleas. WAY too much after-market stereo equipment (some of which impedes the passenger seat) with wires going everywhere – WHAT WERE THEY THINKING – close to $20K for FrankenElectronics?

The bright spots:

  1. I was close to Paine Field – home of the wide body Boeing plant, so lots of planes on the tarmac in various states
  2. Wicked BBQ – their pulled pork was actually pulled, not chopped, lots of stringy pork yumminess. The slaw was vinegar based, and I didn’t have enough room to try the fried okra, sweet potato fries, corn slaw, the ribs – if it wasn’t so far, it would be dangerous. Oh, and live music on Saturday nights.

Home for a nap before dropping of hats and opera handouts to Wonderful, followed by dinner with Jimmy and Suze (was supposed to include Mark and Maria, but barfing doesn’t make for good dinner company – damn those stomach bugs).

Home early, safe and sound.


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The BBQ Was Better.

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