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Jul '10

Dave’s Last Supper.

At Least With The Boys.

The big deal for today (other than cleaning up the house and the yard to get ready for company) is the final dinner for Curt’s neighbor from Olympia, who has become a friend of mine as well. He takes off the 19th for 28 months in Cambodia with the Peace Corps. Odd that he will be teaching English and doing community outreach when his last gig was as a public defender. I’ve thought about the Peace Corps as well so had lots of questions — like how long was the process (about a year) and how much of a pain (annoying but tolerable). Who knows, it would provide some focus in my life, but could I take two years in one place?

Dinner was a mixed grill of Italian sausages, chicken breasts and lamb lollipops (a new phrase I learned from Jeanne for those tiny little lamb t-bones), salad, pencil thin asparagus and rosemary challah rolls. Yum. Curt and Brandon drove up from Olympia after work, Dave came from the north end of Seattle where he is staying with his parents before he ships out.

Today’s scissor lift update is a video of the ride up and down before the platform gets built:



4 Responses to “Dave’s Last Supper.

At Least With The Boys.”

  1. Melba Toast Says:

    Quoth you, “…could I take two years in one place?” To which I reply, “In a word…No.”

    On the up side, maybe they could find something where they’d move you around a lot…

  2. Susan Says:

    What an adventure you would have, it would turn your world upside down and around. To put all your skills, imagination and passion in one location…there would be no limit to what you could accomplish with that energized focus.

  3. markso Says:

    Sounds like you are one of the people I should have write a letter of reference ad recommendation!

  4. Susan Says: