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Jul '10

Greetings From Whistler.

Got out of the house around 10:30 – only to encounter traffic gridlock all the way to Northgate…. And then again on Highway 1 on the Canada side of the border. They actually ask me several questions this time on the way into Canada, even in the Nexus line. Must figure out how to get the new car on my Nexus account.

With the delays, and a little thrift shopping in Mount Vernon (by the way, cheapest gas at Safeway closest to the border) I got to the condo in Whistler a little after 4. Actually I parked in slot 69 right at 4:20 – how’s that for numerical humor.

They put me on the top floor, facing away from the village:

Did a little research on hotel location for Swanda, and grabbed dinner at 21 Steps. Damn good dinner I might add.

Here’s the scroll bar of photos so far.


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