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Jul '10

Unexpected Dinner Party.

Got out of the condo at 10am with the boys still sleeping or at least locked in the bedroom.

As you head south to the border, there is a sign just north of the border that tells you expected wait times at the Peace Arch crossing, or the Truck crossing to the east. Sign listed the truck crossing at 90 minutes, and the Peace Arch crossing “No Data”. No Data as in, it was backed up all the way to the exit for the truck crossing, which is like a mile away. Needless to say I took the truck crossing.

Thank goodness for the Nexus card. 90 minutes for everyone without one, more like 10 for me. It was such a cluster F at the border that there was a LINE to get into duty free – I passed. So much for cheap booze this trip. And I’d never seen this before – they snaked the Nexus line through and around and put us through two of the three truck stalls (which took two officers since cars are much lower, as is the card reader – all set up for trucks). There were about ten busses in the bus turnaround (where they take you off and run you through customs like at the airport), and ten more in line to get in. I have never seen that many people trying to get across the border, even during the Olympics.

Stopped in the north end to have a beer and a chat with Josh (and pick up $$$ for his domain renewal) before heading home.

My suitcase was still on the walk when Mick arrived unannounced – he had just dropped someone at the airport and swung by to see if I was around. That turned into a ride in the new (to me) Miata to the store for dinner supplies and more whiskey since he loves his Old Fashions. We got enough for three people – then we just had to round up the third.

The third turned out to be Wonderful. While I was showing him the car we got into a conversation with MaryAnn (no relation to Ginger who gave me the test drive in the 350Z) and it turns out she is going on a Caravan Tour with her friend in a couple of weeks. It’s the Mount Rushmore to Yellowstone tour. She is also interested in the Copper Canyon and Panama tour – I’ll have to print some shots from my trips with Caravan.

But I digress – dinner. Tri-tip on the grill, baked potatoes, cole slaw – damn fine for al fresco dining.

And then for some reason we got into trimming the front rose bush of all the dead canes, and when the boys left I started attacking the Empress tree and taking off its lower branches to give the Madrona more light.

The Madrona is the one on the left. The Empress to the right — connected by a yellow cargo restraint to try and straighten the Madrona up to keep it from the walkway.

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3 Responses to “Unexpected Dinner Party.”

  1. Swanda Says:

    OK, so this is beyond weird in that I had breakfast with Mick on Saturday and he specifically asked me how you were doing as he had not seen you since the Wake for the Bridage. Why would he do that if he had been there just the night before unless he totally and completely forgot he had been to you home. Oh well, he is getting older you know. Off to a nap.

  2. markso Says:

    Got your days mixed up — he had breakfast with you on Saturday morning, and dinner with me Saturday night.

  3. Eric Gowins Says:

    OK………this time I got a comment box. For the past long time, I haven’t had a box, been unable to leave a note. Did you fix it, or is this a fluke?