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Jul '10

Dinner With The Council.

Nothing like waking up in a strange bed. At least I’m alone and I know whose bed it is.

After last night’s festivities I slept in to almost 11. Jimmy was back home and had watered the entire garden and was in the shower by the time I came out of the fog. It would have been more effective to start the coffee grinder. Same effect.

I have one duty to take care of today – make a rosemary challah for dinner at Curts. I failed. I forgot the rosemary. Still turned out well – the dinner roll style – a center bun and 7 buns around it (basically cut the dough into eight pieces and form).

The commute to Olympia was stalled by a mid-sixties Ford plowed into the hillside median strip. I got off to get gas and meat at Safeway.

Got to Curts at about 5:30 just in time for cocktails.

Dinner tonight has two former councilmen for Olympia. One is Curt and one is the guy that bought my house in Olympia a couple of years ago and was forced out of politics by spurned “friend” who wore a wire in a $20 pot buy between “friends” of medical marijuana (neither had prescriptions). My experience of the council in Olympia is that they would be much happier if they were paid $100,000 a year like the same size town outside of LA that is in the news now. Less gender harassment complaints, more bank deposits. A top administrator making $750K a year and guaranteed a $650K for life if he retires – no wonder the residents are outraged.

But enough about politics – it was about the food. Crab cakes for the appetizers, cold beet soup, a metzo of jicama fries (cold, not deep fried) and hummus, then high-heat roasted asparagus and bell peppers and a salmon steak with a spice paint (who the hell knows what that is).

Lovely evening in Olympia.



2 Responses to “Dinner With The Council.”

  1. Eric Gowins Says:

    Markie………what is a “rosemary challah”?

  2. markso Says:

    Challah is a jewish egg bread — and you can make it was rosemary. Often baked in braided loaves with an egg and salt wash over the top.