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Jul '10

Greetings From Portland.

Out of the house at 9:30am — apparently with the rest of the state as well — every rest stop jammed and lines at the loo.

BBQ lunch with Julian at the Big Kahuna BBQ in St. Johns, then back to his place to watch the 30’s black and white version of Scarface — a pre-code extravagance of gratuitous violence.

For your amusement since we know lots of you don’t stay up that late, we have Neil Patrick Harris’ performance earlier this week on the Late Late Show… it left me howling. Sorry it’s in two parts.

Tonight was a deck party and BBQ in Portland — lots of faeries, lots of fun. But really, BBQ twice in one day? Too bad the FishWife wasn’t open, that was the original plan for lunch.

Late evening bullshit and wine session with Julian.


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