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Aug '10

Greetings From Salt Spring Island.

The Joys Of Island Life.

Up at 5 and was at the Victoria Clipper for check-in before they were even open. And the coffee shop that was next door was closed until further notice. Bummer. That means a Clipper breakfast basket. At least that means I don’t pay for the cranberry juice to go with the champagne.

Being one of the first people through customs put me on the 11:05 bus from Government and Superior (3-4 blocks from the Clipper terminal in Victoria) to Swartz Bay. An hour an a quarter later if bought my ticket for the Salt Spring Island Fulford Harbour run — with enough time to get a little lunch from the cafe in the parking lot — good thing as the ferry has no services on it.

By 1:30pm I’m on Salt Spring Island — very much like the terminals on the San Juan Island, especially the Friday Harbor one. One small hitch… nobody to pick me up. Finding one bar of service I call and leave a message. A half hour after the next ferry arrived, call and leave another message. Luckily the eye candy around the ferry is amusing, and I finish reading a book.

After getting a Chai, I go out to hang around and wait for the next ferry to come in, and I wander into the “one-bar” zone — and I get a voicemail ding. The boys were late getting back from the mainland at the northern ferry terminal — call to confirm which terminal you are at. The joys of island life when you depend on ferries on a three day weekend (BC Day is today).

All is good — we are back at their place in time for cocktail hour followed by steaks on the grill and fresh potatoes and snap peas from the garden (and the steaks were from the island).

CrowDog is the early to bed early to rise type, so RobinHood and I spend the night trying to time-date the house. My guess is 40’s because of the lathe and plaster and the inlaid oak floors, but then turned into a mid-century with the swingers fireplace, new flat doors, recessed curtain areas, etc. What initially threw me off was the floors — but in a mid-century those would have been covered with wall-to-wall carpeting.

Pictures when I get back to the land of high-speed zeros and ones — the boys are on dial-up, and not by choice. The joys of island living… and there is only one-bar of service in the valley as well.

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One Response to “Greetings From Salt Spring Island.

The Joys Of Island Life.”

  1. Swanda Says:

    Oh yes, the joys of one bar land. Too funny. Your package did arive and now I have one down there it seems. I got one today, but UPS delivered right before closeing and so another awaits me. Will send text, but if stop by before they close would you get it as I have a dinner engagement and will miss it and thus it will sit until Thursday. Many thanks. Will text as well for you to get on the Clipper. Oy, you are likely on the late run though!