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Aug '10

Headed Home.

Wow! Island Life.

I tried to get up early.

I failed. That bed is WAY too comfortable. Why get up? That’s right – bladder call.

It really is life on the farm. Chasing down recently hatched chicks (no me, but the neighbor grandchildren visiting were the heroes), ten pounds of blueberries harvested in the hot sun, breakfast on the deck with farm fresh eggs, bread from the bakery, organic chicken sausages from the island (put in the category of turkey bacon, tofu bacon, and any other non-pork breakfast product).

Post-breakfast reading on the couch because it’s so HOT on the deck, even under the umbrella, which leads to the pos- breakfast, post-reading, nap. Yes, mister travel freak out guy is napping on a day he has a date with a non-refundable ticket.

Out of the house one-ish for the 1:50 ferry back to Vancouver Island – yes, the boys are driving me back to Victoria because one of their neighbors is flying into the Victoria airport around the same time. Should I offer my $2.50 Canadian for gas?

Ferry was fun. More pretty boys. Here is the stroller bar for the trip:

Got to the Clipper terminal a little after three and decided to see if I could catch the 5:30pm ferry rather than the 7:30pm ferry. $10 please. Off to the restaurant at the Days Inn on the Harbour to mail postcards and have some fish and chips before loading.

It was nice to get in at 8:30 rather than 10:30 – meant I could stop at Swandas for a package, which turned out to be a package, and drinks with Swanda and Wonderful, and much chatting – by the time I got home, it was well after 10:30.

Get home, start the ice machine, make a sandwich, catch up on email, listen to TV (cause I’m busy with other stuff), and go to bed.

Tomorrow is another day. There is some rumor of me using the other Clipper Groupon to come during Salt Spring’s Gay Pride Parade.

I did Eureka/Arcata’s parade, complete with Humboldt State marching band. Why not Salt Spring Island.

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One Response to “Headed Home.

Wow! Island Life.”

  1. Robin Hood Says:

    Oh my, what a delight to read your ‘log report’ on your visit to the island. You are such an inspiration.