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Aug '10

Car Yoga.

Or, Installing A Media Connection To The Head Unit.

Today’s chore is getting the Grom Audio box installed in the Miata. The what? It’s a box that plugs into the multi-CD player jack on the back of the head unit (that thing in your dash with all the knobs on it). Why? I will allow me to connect:

  • iPhone/iPad/iPod – both charging and playlist control
  • USB devices like memory sticks – and control the playlist
  • Auxiliary Input devices like MP3 players (no play list control)

What’s it look like?

Basically it’s 3″x3″x1″ and stashes behind the dash and then you can run wires where you want them – like in the back glove box on the Miata.

But talk about a pain to get the head unit out… 2+ hours and even more surfing for instructions.

Yes, that large tin box goes back in the dash. I’ve tried it with but the AUX source and the USB source and it works great. With the USB you can switch between 6 different playlists and go forward and back in the selection of songs in each playlist. Can’t wait to give it the big tryout on the road trip next week.

Steaks on the grill with Swanda tonight – and a computer fix session.

And once again, the weather is psycho – rain in the morning, blazing in the afternoon.


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Or, Installing A Media Connection To The Head Unit.

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