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Aug '10

A Foggy Day In London Town.

Actually, A Rainy Day In Seattle.

While the east coast is burning up (and Moscow is burning down), we here in Seattle suddenly have rain. It’s so funny to see people show up for dinner in their winter gear.

Dinner tonight with DancingBear and Mikey. Man those boys can eat – I should have added the pork loin to the grill. A filet mignon apiece, an Italian sausage apiece, heavy tomato, cheese, cucumber, basil salad, and entire loaf of bread.

Definitely not a dining al fresco night. Good conversation, discoveries of friends of friends that are clients, a perfect rainy evening.

And for the first time in years (it seems like) watched a movie (Thunderball, 007) after dinner.

Well, DancingBear and I did – Mikey was crashed on the chaise.


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One Response to “A Foggy Day In London Town.

Actually, A Rainy Day In Seattle.”

  1. Swanda Says:

    So the veggie chow mein did not hold overnight I take it. That can happen. I had one meal Sunday and that was a Caesar salad and a Ribeye Philly. Not bad. Happy travels.

    Cheers, Snowmelt (105 heat index today!)