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Aug '10

The Dinner Party Shuffle.

Or Happy Friday The 13th.

Errands in the morning – like taking the car in for a bath, picking up shirts at the cleaners, vegetables for a couple of dinners.

And, oh, the oddity of dinner parties.

In the morning it was Johhny and I for dinner.

Then in the afternoon Curt inquired if he could come.

Then Ross called to see if he could pick up my spare mattress and by the time he got here is was pre-dinner time.

Dinner for four instead of two – you just keep taking more stuff out of the freezer.

And speaking of Ross – not only did the mattress go, but the four dialysis chairs and seven crates of kitchen ware, blankets, sheets, coats, boots, you name it – guess my chore tomorrow will be reorganizing the garage now that there is a ton less stuff in there.

And how nice to go to bed on my old mattress and think, I’ve missed this thing.

The difference between memory foam and a firm mattress. Now I have to work on getting my old bed frame back (and repaired).



4 Responses to “The Dinner Party Shuffle.

Or Happy Friday The 13th.”

  1. Kate Gowins Says:

    Dialysis chairs?????????????? You are wierd!

  2. markso Says:

    Actually they are just 80’s style chairs that I picked up from University of Washington surplus years ago — designed to be sat in comfortably for hours and hours…

  3. Susan Says:

    The plan at our place is to clean garage and office this week…All those family films some transferred and some not. Oh what to do!?!

  4. Michael Says:

    Those dialysis chairs…did they have stirrups?