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Aug '10

Dinner Number Two With The Boys.

What a wonderful lazy Sunday… in the heat. It just means you don’t move too much, too fast.

After a BamBam breakfast we did a little stroll around the neighborhood. With the bridge closed I’m trying (not too well at the moment) to shop and eat with the local places to help keep them in business. Today’s stop was at the Salvadorian, or is it Ecuadorian bakery for some breakfast items for tomorrow and the Mexican grocery store for a lime (the potatoes I need for tonight’s dinner looked sad).

After one bad movie (where we fast forwarded through most of it), and Beef Cake, which I’d seen but it’s always fun, it was off to Swanda’s for afternoon cocktails and grocery shopping.

Back at the ranch we weren’t moving fast as the temp soared to 96 (average temp for today was supposed to be 76 – a 20 degree difference). Dinner was steaks, baked potatoes, salad, wine out on the deck with the breeze flowing.

It must be movie day at the house as the after dinner movie was Shooting Porn with Chi Chi La Rue – a self described big fat white guy female impersonator and some of the 8mm stuff I’ve had transferred (still need to figure out how to get the rest transferred without it breaking the bank).

Finished packing and it was off to bed for tomorrow I head to Germany.



2 Responses to “Dinner Number Two With The Boys.”

  1. Eric Gowins Says:

    What is this “bridge closed” thing? Did I miss a paragraph? Please elucidate.

  2. Swanda Says:

    By the time you get back the risers on the bridge may be gone. Saw on the news that they are taking down the building on either side this week and then in come cranes on bardges at night to take out the two risers and they are doing it at night so the river can remain active during the day.

    Have fun and enjoy a beer for me! Cheers, Snowy