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Aug '10

Flights Good.

Lodging Not So Smooth.

Yikes, we were all out of the house at 6:30am… early for all of us, but I needed to catch my flight to LAX and then onto DFW, and the boys needed to get to Portland to go skinny dipping at Rooster Rock.

Alaska to LAX with Board Room on both ends, American to DFW – flight left 45 minutes late, but managed to make up all but 10 minutes, not that it mattered to me since I’m overnighting by the airport.

And that overnighting is where the trouble started.

  1. Called hotel, found out my reservation was for tomorrow night, not tonight
  2. Hotel shuttle driver on vacation, they say take a cab (but no offer of reimbursement)
  3. Cab would have been $22 for a five minute ride
  4. Walk to Grand Hyatt which is in the terminal – not willing to pay the AAA rate of $233 a night (and guessing that didn’t include internet access or breakfast
  5. Go back down and pick up the hotel booking phone – randomly choosing the Day’s Inn because it has free wi-fi and a free shuttle and as it turns out a free hot breakfast, and the place is run by a Nepalese family (very friendly). Oh, and it’s like $45 for the night. Basically the same rate as the Microtel where I was booked… and because I was booked for tomorrow… logged on and cancelled the reservation.

So, it’s like 107 degrees here – making it worse than Seattle temperature wise so I just had dinner in the restaurant in the lobby – Mongolian Beef with Fried Rice. Huge portion, I only got through half of it – I’m thinking lunch tomorrow!

I’m all checked in for tomorrow’s flight which isn’t until the early afternoon so it will be a much easier day tomorrow.



5 Responses to “Flights Good.

Lodging Not So Smooth.”

  1. Susan Says:

    DFW? Where are you?

  2. markso Says:

    That would be the airport code for Dallas-Fort Worth… flew here yesterday, fly out this afternoon for Frankfurt Germany.

  3. Susan Says:

    Bon Voyage! how long will you be gone this trip?

  4. markso Says:

    This trip is two weeks — back on the 30th of August. Greetings from Frankfurt — here until Saturday, then off to the woods outside Berlin for a little bear huting.

  5. Eric Gowins Says:

    Happy traveling, Dude. What is your schedule? I say that because I can’t spell “Itenary”.