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Aug '10

Frankfurters In Frankfurt.

Up around 8 for a breakfast – was feeling a little dizzy, maybe from the Ambian, though it was 8 hours after I took it to help reset my body clock to EuroTime. So cheese, some lunch meat, some juice, some coffee, a hard-boiled egg… ah, the German breakfast.

After breakfast, oddly, went back to bed. It feeling like I’m trying to catch up on tons of sleep, or maybe it just that I haven’t had much of a chance to truly shut down after these last couple of weeks.

Out of the hotel for a little pre-lunch stroll, and what do I stumble across, the red-light district (rather small and pretty quiet at 1 in the afternoon):

The red light district is MUCH more active in the evening as I found out walking back from dinner.

Other things I stumbled on are an outdoor street festival a couple of blocks from the hotel that starts tomorrow morning at 11 but crowds are already on the street and it looks like there is a beer stall ever forty feet, if that far:

Meanwhile, all the food booths are set up so I’m trying the Wild Boar Bratwurst with the hot German potato salad – too bad I forgot to take a picture of that! Back to the house for email/blog/websurfing… and yet another nap – maybe I got bit by a flea and now have sleeping sickness!

Amusing request at the front desk… ice for my cocktails. Ice? Head shakes. My English not good. Wasser, frozen? My German is equally bad. Cocktails? Shake imaginary glass. Ah. Checks kitchen. No, sorry. After looking this up, its: Eisw?fel – which translates to Ice Cube, and to get that double dot over the U, you will need to do Alt 0171 (with the 0171 done on your numeric keyboard). So, tonight, I’m having me Jameson’s with wasser mit gas (water with gas, also called soda/seltzer water). The things we learn while we are on the road.


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One Response to “Frankfurters In Frankfurt.”

  1. Swanda Says:

    Oh my goodness! Sounds like you are just being an accidental tourist. Have fun.