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Aug '10

Day Three Frankfurt.

I love this – in my anal-retentive travel book (see photo from a couple of weeks ago), I have 37 pages (plus and 11×17 fold out map of the S/U-Bahn) of stuff printed out on things to do in Frankfurt. What have I done so far… nothing that was on the list. I’ve just wondered around aimlessly taking photographs, listening to music, eating street food.

I did take a walk down by the river today – at least I’m getting my exercise to get rid of the wieners I’m eating…

Here’s a little video of the street festival…

I went for a dinner of paella and sangria (9.5 Euro, or about $12). Pretty good for street food, luckily there was a seat at a table in the shade with pretty boys.

Early night for me – off to Berlin on the mid-day ICE (high-speed train).

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3 Responses to “Day Three Frankfurt.”

  1. Swanda Says:

    Ah guilt by enjoyment. Often being the accitdental tourist gets the best of us. But seriously, at 1:34 your You Tube goes crazy and annoying and is blank. Pull it. Horrible. Annoying and awful. Enjoy the gathering and see you upon return.

    Cheers, Snowy!

  2. markso Says:

    Just for you — have swapped out the video for a much shorter one.

  3. Swanda Says:

    So glad you got my post! Was not sure if I made my point or not. Have fun camping or is that being campy?