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Aug '10

Last Night At The Lake.

My how time flies when you are having fun. I guess my worries about lack of sleep or general grumpiness and fleeing the gathering as I did the last Eurofaerie gathering have not come to pass.

After whiling away the day reading some John Grisham piece of trash and doing loads of dishes, at 4pm the gates opened for the “day trippers” to come and have a meal with the faeries. Not only was this invitation open to Berlin faeries, but friends of faeries (including a middle-aged heterosexual couple).

As I sit and do this blog entry, once again faerie talent is practicing… an Asian/Latin gentleman who is a biochemist in Stuttgart is playing the ukulele. It makes me want to pick up the electric ukulele that I bought in Honolulu last year and actually learn how to play it. Maybe I should come back over for lessons – and pick up a Porsche while I’m at it (they are built in Stuttgart).

Dinner tonight for the first time at this gathering – unless you count the fish – was MEAT. Bratwursts, pork, chicken – in addition to the seiten, grilled vegetables, grilled tofu, and all that – it was a BBQ in the back yard – with a floor show of boys oiled up and wrestling on an Alaska 10-year Roof (a.k.a. Big Blue Tarp).

Last night was the talent show – and yes, I was up until 3am according to reports, and tonight is the auction to cover some of the fees that the poorer faeries couldn’t raise to attend this week. With my desire for only carry-on – I’m guessing I won’t be buying the 3 foot tall copper gilded penis – that would make a very ODD second carry-on item.

Short entry today – I’m running late, and the auction is about to start and I need some pictures of that penis.

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