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Aug '10

Lazy, Hazy Day Laying Around Frankfurt.

My host both had high-pressure jobs in Frankfurt’s banking and investment community. Sunday, for them, is a trip to the local bakery (one of the few things open on a Sunday, and then only until 11am) for some fresh breads and rolls followed by breakfast and chilling out in the apartment watching movies and working on and early Sunday dinner.

I was more than happy to follow their lead. Yes, I am a tourist, but it’s a gray, drizzly day that is perfect for watching a couple of movies.

First movie up… Thank You For Smoking. Good old fashioned dark humor for a dark day. Later in the afternoon after I’d finished the Grisham novel The Client, it was time for the Johnny Depp version of Alice in Wonderland. Sometimes as dark as the day.

Add packing for the trip home tomorrow and a pasta dinner and you have my day.

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