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Aug '10

Long Day In The Air.

Too Exhausted To Even Drink.

It’s nice when:

  1. You have a flight at 2:25pm
  2. You have someone to take you to the airport
  3. You can clear immigration in less than 5 minutes using the Trusted Traveler Program when the line looks to be about an hour deep

It’s not so nice when:

  1. Your business class seat on a 9-hour flight isn’t all that comfortable (roomy, but not comfortable)
  2. You clear immigration quickly, but then it’s back out through security to get two terminals over and your domestic flight home
  3. You are so exhausted from the 3-hour layover that by the time you are on the 4 hour flight home, you don’t even want to drink.

But I’m back home, Curtis gave me a ride home, all is well. Apparently I’m not doing enough long distance flights – these didn’t used to bother me so much.

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Too Exhausted To Even Drink.

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