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Sep '10

Boca Raton At The Grandparents.

Not Mine.

I felt guilty getting up at 8:30am … turns out Dan had just gotten up, and Lisa was on the couch for a couple of hours, and the grandparents wouldn’t get up until 10am.

Wow, not my parent’s (or my grandparents in the past) house.

Beef Hash from Trader Joes (from Brazil) and an egg scramble for breakfast – thanks Dan.

Next stop was about a dozen stops, sometimes repeated while we got:

  • 3 postcards
  • Bottle of Macallan
  • 2 bottles of diet coke
  • Eyeglass repair at Walmart
  • Gas
  • Cash for gambling on the boat

Sure I left something out.

No time after shopping for the nap – it was lunch, bologna sandwiches on rye (tasty) and chips, and then into the next canasta game – the first where I was forced to play. Never let me study the board/game/cards/etc. before I start to play. I sit and look at the strategy and then lay waste.

That was game one.

Then it was dinner of pan fried chicken, some seriously lovely roasted potatoes (pealed, boiled, than roasted), steamed veg – wish there was some wine, but suddenly it’s saved for the cruise. With a $15 corkage. Not my call, just means killing more whiskey.

After dinner another round of canasta… they shouldn’t have let me play – wiped the table again. They shouldn’t have relearned me the game.

Got to get packed for the morning.

The cruise awaits.

[? ? ? ]

PS — poss spotty for the next week.

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Not Mine.

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