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Oct '10

Back Home.

For A Bit.

Up early to the flight – 5am is early no matter what time zone.

Seat 4B (last row of First) on the way home, with breakfast and a few drinks…. But no ride home from the airport – Wonderful’s helper Possum couldn’t work today, and Wonderful was stuck at home waiting for a shipment of bottles (like a couple of pallets worth).

Afternoon spent with a couple of loads of laundry, baking a loaf of bread (in the middle of which my bread machine gave up the ghost), a run to the post office, to the dry cleaner to take shirts in, shopping for oranges, then off to Dancing Bear’s place (a.k.a. the Crackerbox Palace in Facebook) for old fashions and a pork chop dinner.

Thanks DB for the loan of your bread machine to replace my dead one – guess this means I need to make bread for you more often than I already do.

Had to leave early… the doggie dander was getting to me, by the time I got home I had to pop two antihistamines to keep from clawing my eyes out.

And the evening brought a couple of pieces of bad news…

  • A dear friend in Portland is basically in hospice mode after they found stage four lymphoma
  • My date for tomorrow night in Seaside can’t make it (or it sounds like on Friday morning either) – of course, that pales in comparison to the bad news above.

At least I’m sleeping in my own bed tonight.

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For A Bit.

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