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Oct '10

My Day In Pictures.

A run to Home Depot for safety hardware to install on the deck:

To the store for lunch supplies – time to try out the Swanda birthday present:

I think it’s designed for standard buns and wieners – will need to experiment more. The low fat chicken sausages (4 grams of fat as opposed to 14 grams in a regular dog) was tasty, think I’ll need to split both the dog and bun in half to make it work… tomorrow.

And dinner with Mick – a pork loin roast, high heat roasted potatoes, bread, salad, wine, and two first class tickets to Vegas in early December for Javier’s B-Day party. Not bad — $400 each, which is less than double the coach price.

Texting and sexting with the boy before bedtime.


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