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Oct '10

Cleaning Up The Details.

So – it is the political season, and I, for one, who mailed his ballot yesterday and done with it… which it was like, cast your ballot, and never get another add again. Unfortunately, not. But I did find this on FaceBook today from my friend Jicama:

Giving the government back to the Republicans is like giving a wrecked car back to a drunk driver who wrecked it in the first place……… before we could even get it fixed.

How true.

Today was filled which housecleaning (thanks, MoonSong), deforestation – mowed down the front “jungle”, and a lovely veal scaloppini for dinner. I actually managed to make a little gravy out of the drippings, a milestone for me.

With company coming this weekend, it’s time to get the guest bedroom (a.k.a. office) cleaned up and ready for a guest…. And maybe some more work on the dining lift. It’s going to be a full weekend between Boeing and “the surprise”… still looking for a WorldMark night on Saturday at Birch Bay (not likely) or a Sunday night at the Camlin (again, not likely).

And what the hell – after chatting for a long time (for me) with my ex-financial planner (she left the firm), suddenly I’m chatting with my mortgage broker to reduce my 6.5% to 4.1% — I’d like to see that fly as a self-employed person… but if she can make it happen, it would be a nice reduction in my mortgage payment.

And booked two nights in Santa Fe before I go out to see the parents… turns out I have old friends from my high school church youth group days living in Santa Fe (after a year just north of here in Vancouver!) so now the Christmas trip looks like:

  • Two puddle jumpers on United (using the bulk of my remaining miles) to Albuquerque
  • Night at the Hawthorn Suites near the airport
  • NMRailRunner train to Santa Fe mid-day the next day
  • Two nights at the WorldMark Santa Fe
  • Four nights at the parents
  • One night on the Southwest Chief (that’s a train, and in a sleeper)
  • One night on the Coast Starlight (again, a train, a sleeper).

Out on the 20th, back on the 28th. Sounds relaxing – maybe I should do three nights in Santa Fe right off the plaza.

An early night to bed – gotta plan dinner with Swanda for tomorrow.


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One Response to “Cleaning Up The Details.”

  1. Curt Says:

    All that talk of Santa Fe. You trying to entice me?