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Nov '10

Miscellaneous Randomness.

Odd items that keep slipping through the cracks… did four logos with a set of variations on each… and last Friday I got the word that one of them was a definite possibility for moving forward … still lots of refinement and tweaking to do, but that we are at least headed down a path, that is nice, especially on the first time out of the gate.

And then there is the mileage whore thing…. After my trip to Hawaii, guess I don’t need the trip to Vegas, more like a one-way to Bend, Oregon:

Mileage Plan Information

Mileage Plan Number: 329XXXXX
Available Miles: 52,064


Elite Tier Status Qualification

YTD Alaska/Horizon Miles

Flown: 39,865

135 Miles to Gold

YTD Alaska/Horizon/Qualifying Partner* Miles

Flown: 39,865

10,135 Miles to Gold

YTD Alaska/Horizon/Qualifying Partner* Segments

Flown: 39,865

35 Segments to Gold

Alaska/Horizon Miles toward Million Mile Flyer  Learn more

Flown: 25

* Air France, American, Delta, KLM, and LanChile

Somehow the whole days has been dealing with odd financial stuff… changing brokers and figuring out what is what with my new one, dealing with erroneous parking tickets (from 2008 on plate number 403 which I just got a month ago), house refinance. Perfect for a rainy Monday.

Dinner of chicken breast over salad… light, easy, good for me. And a nice hot tub after…. Life is good.


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