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Nov '10

Tried For Dinner.

But No Follow-Through.

Well, the kitchen is still a mess – still stacked high with used CD cases… looks like I’ll just eat around it since no Swanda for dinner. Faulty phone on his part, no follow-through on my part. Nothing special for dinner, just sausage stuffed portabella mushrooms and a little salad.

Spent most of the evening going back and forth with Javier and Joy about birthday plans, who coming, what bed, what room… now WHY did I volunteer for this disaster? Oh yeah, that’s right, for the last few miles I need to get to MVP Gold.

Not much of a picture day…

Just my usual travel bag (the FligTable) getting a couple of new stickers. Using different bags for the Thailand trip next week – ones that I don’t care about. One small checked, on small backpack that will hold the netbook. Leaving the good computer at home. And packing light. Intra Thailand luggage 44lbs and one small carryon. It will be fun to see which members can actually pull this off. I’m taking my smallest roll-aboard and checking it – it has a gusset I can zip out for the way home if I go shopping crazy.

Guess it’s going to be tomorrow when I put the nw stereo rack together and get the boxes out of the kitchen.


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But No Follow-Through.

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