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Nov '10

Miles Of Wires

Good news – the empty CD boxes are cleaned out of the kitchen, meaning it’s time to start working on the “miles of wires”…


Yep – that’s what’s been lurking behind my stereo – getting worse each time I pull it out and swivel it towards the bedroom for movie watching. Four big components, Ethernet cable, and speaker cables for kitchen, both bedrooms, and living room (2). And I need to add the Nakamichi 200 CD player that Joe hauled up from Tucson as carry-on (without box, but with remote!

The after picture of the wiring:

Ah, the joys of zip ties and adhesive Velcro (for the power strip). The picture is complete minus the two sets of speaker leads (one to the switch box by the TV and the other the front left and right for movies).

So, other than billing a couple of hours of work and eating leftovers, that’s how I spent my day.

That and arguing with the possible BF.


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