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Nov '10

Weird Day.

Today’s Facebook Post: Mark Stephen Souder is feeling melancholy so he put the CD player on the Christmas/Gospel random track at full blast. That would be Group 8 on the 200-CD Nakimichi that I got from Joe.

Speaking which, here is the final Black Tower of Power Stack:

Maybe it’s time to write that cranky letter to Amtrak to complain about our trip to Portland last week. On the way down – no Parlour Car – well, there was a standard lounge car for First Class, but no meal service, no Wi-Fi, and no power since the thing was leaking like a sieve from the rain. On the way home – the Parlour Car, but the Wi-Fi was down – and since it was running late, the Parlour Car attendant FORGOT that people would be getting on in Portland and wanting dinner. Too bad I didn’t get his name as when he wasn’t shooing people away because he had paperwork to do, his head was down on one of the tables. And no ice buckets in the sleeping cars – either way, even though I saw empty containers in one of the porter’s rooms.

Or jump in the car and go put my paycheck in the bank – yes, a pay check, the third one in the last couple of weeks! Nothing like speeding around town listening to Black Fuck Music at high volume.

Or come home and deal with all the phone calls I had making… Alaska to get Javier a free first class seat, Korean to get my Alaska number in the record and find out that I’m in row 56 in the middle… hopefully changable at the airport 3 hours before (cross fingers), but did find out that the seats are 18″ wide as opposed to the 17″ on most overseas airlines, and more importantly, that the seat pitch is 32-35″ rather than 30″.

An early dinner with the news tonight… as I’ve got a 10th anniversary celebration to attend – wow, they made it to the “tin” or “aluminum” anniversary, woo hoo! Better than me (record was two year) but doesn’t hold a candle to MoonSong and DeeDub at 30 years (they are in Acapulco celebrating) or my parents at pushing 60 years.

But a nice early dinner. 3oz of salad, 20oz of steak, and a little red wine to cut the cholesterol.

And no trip to Seaside tomorrow. Damn. Maybe Wednesday, maybe not until December.


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