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Nov '10


It looks so small… 11 days in Thailand. Rolled and wrapped all the t-shirts, socks, etc. Electronics in the day pack. Still looks small. Reference is that’s a double bed and the suitcase is smaller than a carryon. Wow.

I can’t believe that’s 11 days worth of stuff. The shoe is for reference. It’s a 10.5.

Lots of billable hours today – didn’t get the website launched today… but did get the new logo posted on FaceBook. Check it out at:

Been playing with it for days – and since it’s on FaceBook I guess it’s OK to share it. Still likin’ it.

Gotta go to bed. It’s a mid-day flight, but an early check-in.


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  1. Chip & Linda Says:

    I like it! Makes me want to know more about it.