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Nov '10

Day Six — Calling All Lobsters.

And Crabs.

Really BIB at 6:40am… They had to have the hotel open the restaurant a day early to make this happen.

And to add insult to injury… guess who was seated across from me on the bus and screeched the entire way to the pier? At least I am not alone in my dislike. In conversations with others, we were talking about the percentage of people on any given tour that we didn’t really want to be around… I threw out the 10% figure, but on further consideration of this group, the consensus seemed to be 5% of any given group are the folks you don’t want to hang out with — the screechers, the Debbier Downers, the smelly and the obnoxious (not necessarily  in that order).

Our planned visit to the Angthong National Marine Park was replace with a snorkelling trip in the morning, followed by lunch on one of the islands and a couple of hours of beach time for more snokeling, or if you are me, laying in the shade reading (which is what I also did on the boat while the rest were bobbing in the water.

Needless to say, after a day in the sun, many of our crew were looking like lobsters, even with 60spf sunscreen on. I got red in some places, but nothing that I think will peel, but will turn to tan over the next couple of days even though I didn’t use any protection otre than monitoring the time I spent in the sun and searching out shade. Others were not so lucky and really are looking like lobsters.

The island we had lunch at looked like a nice place to make a destination…

Lots of wooden walkways around all the major rocks. Kinda cool.

And crabs in the buff….

Got back to the hotel around 6pm in serious need of a drink. First Fluffernutter joined, then Natasha and her roommate (who brought Jameson, Limoncello, mixers and snacks), then by Erik, the guide. Some would ponder partying in the guest room rather than on the beach or by the pool, but we’d been in the sun and heat all day, and air-conditioning is a wonderful thing — and you control (hopefully) the guest list — no screechers allowed.

Dinner was basically across the street with a menu typical of a tourist town, a little something for everyone. squid ink pasta for me, Fluffer had the calamari, and I forgot what the girls had (mysoginistic pig that I am).

A nice evening — even with monsoon rains coming down on the way back to the hotel.

Nice to have an evening where you can go to bed and not have to wake up at any given time — now THAT is a vacation.

And even nicer to get an email  asking you to be a Product Manager for the client that you were previously just doing logo and website design for.

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One Response to “Day Six — Calling All Lobsters.

And Crabs.”

  1. Chip & Linda Says:

    Congrats on the PM offer!