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Nov '10

Three Airports — Lots of Waiting.

Greetings from the Transit Hotel in the Seoul Airport — I opted for 6 hours of relaxation, peace and quiet in the hotel over:

  • 18-holes of golf INSIDE the airport perimeter
  • a tour of the city
  • laying on a bench in the airport
  • getting a massage and a shower

Three airports, three shirts. Two showers. Nothing makes travel  feel more undignified than it already is as sweating and feeling grungy. Pitted out one shirt on the Koh Samui to Bangkok and city run, then next on the Bangkok to Seoul run, and changed into my third shirt here in the hotel in the airport. Basically it’s like $45 for the 6 hours of sleep, showers, brushing teeth, getting free newspapers and hopefully snacks on the way out. Worth every penny.

I have a little video of the room, but no time to upload it — maybe if there is free wi-fi in the airport I’ll have time before my 12 hour flight that boards at 5:50pm (and arrives noonish in Seattle).

One thing I noticed — hell of a lot colder here in Seoul (disembarking this morning) than in Bangkok — and I fear I’ll freeze in Seattle as well as I wasn’t about to schelp a coat half way around the world.

Oh — and FYI, my new suitcase has been “christened”… the rum and tonic in the water bottle exploded mid-flight… at least the Jameson and Ginger Ale made it. It was handy for the long immigration line.

Duty free so far? A carton of Chinese cigarettes called Double Happiness — $235 Baht, about $8. Dunhills, Marlboro, etc. going for three times that, but that’s what I had left in Baht in my pocket.

Off to lunch and duty-free (for the booze).

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