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Nov '10

Back Home.

Slightly Dazed.

Didn’t sleep much on the plane… not surprising. Luckily I did get that four + hours of sleep in the transit hotel in Seoul, and I did update the post from yesterday with the video of it.

Swanda was at the airport to pick me up – wish it had been quicker getting my bag. Global Traveler was like 60 seconds, getting bags was like 30 minutes. Next time, carry on. But I do love being able to put my passport in the reader, then place my four fingers on the glass, and they have ALL of the information they need other than me checking a couple of onscreen boxes.

Came home, started a load of laundry, went to bed, Swanda called with info on Whistler cooking facilities, went back to bed, Curt knocked on the front door, forgot to give him his present, went back to bed….woke up at 5pm, just in time for cocktails and the nightly news.

Dinner tonight with the boys in the hood —- Shokti Bakti, Gnarlene, Wonderfu. Vegetarian, yes, me. Shepards pie, roasted root vegetables, chocolate mousse from scratch. My contribution to dinner was a bottle of Claret and changing the direction of how his refrigerator opens.

After dinner it was off to Gnarlene’s to test out his new sauna – NICE – the door I built for it looks great! Sorry, no pictures, forgot my phone at the house.

Then back to my house for a chat with Wonderful.

Off to bed with pill in hand – to reset my body clock back to this time zone.


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Slightly Dazed.

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