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Nov '10

Back Home.


Up early, well, for me. Although I wanted to leave really early, the bed was warm, my will weak.

Here is a great snowy video from yesterday of a walk around the exterior of the suite at the Crystal Lodge:

What a great view from the balcony.

The return drive I’m piloting Janet’s car because she is nervous about driving in the snow. For me it’s nice to have some leg room, even if one of the leg’s is attached to a throttle peddle.

Wait times at the border (45 minutes at Truck Crossing, 15 minutes Peach Arch) pushed us to the Peace Arch and the remodelled crossing that is still under construction. My first visit here in over a year. It might be nice when it’s done.

Duty-free before the crossing yielded a couple of gifts…. Janet bought the bottle of Plymouth Gin ($19.85 ltr) and they were giving out insulated Cadbury shoulder bags. Nice treat.

Did a little shopping at Uwayjamaya after off-loading my luggage into the truck — need salad, eggs, bread at a minimum.

Exhausted by the time I got home, took a two hour nap that tempted me to just stay in bed and wake up in the morning… I barely resisted the temptation, got up, plugged in the computer, poured a cocktail, sparked up the TV for the nightly news and started on a dinner of Kobe Steak and salad.

Rest of the evening was spent finishing the last inch of several bottles of booze to make way for the new acquisitions.

Rough life.

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