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Dec '10

Mailman Brings Christmas Early.

Up at 7, out of bed more like 7:45am when the bladder would hold no longer (thank you for sharing).

I was on the road after a round of hugs by 8:30, or was it 8:45am, it was early, I’d only had two cups of coffee.

Decisions, decisions…. Kingston, Bainbridge Island, or drive around through Tacoma. Bainbridge one – the $11.35 fare was worth it for the half-hour nap that I took during the crossing. It meant that I was much more ready to deal with getting meeting notes together for my 3pm Eastside meeting with the Boltage folks. A good meeting by the way… I have enough stuff on my plate now to keep me busy until the Christmas break.

No jokes here – me saying “Christmas Break” – I hear the audience say, “When aren’t you on break?”

But back to the mailman, who features prominently in today’s post. Thank you Mr. Mailman:

  • A Christmas card that two $50 bills fell out of (that will pay for the maid this month)
  • A Christmas card from United that two drink coupons fell out of
  • A MVP Gold card from Alaska that four one-way First Class Upgrade coupons fell out

Thanks Santa.

After the meeting swung by the apartment for packages, one for Swanda that contained items from the Colonels for Swanda, myself, and my parents, and a book for Hummingbird from Liturgy Training Publications – he is still replacing all the items lost in his house fire a couple of years ago.

Spent the evening cleaning and organizing… so many trips in so little a time have left luggage and presents scattered in the living room, dining room and bedroom… and Moonsong comes to clean in the morning, it might be nice for him to be able to at least “see” some of the flat surfaces.


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