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Dec '10

Prototypes And Performances.

After yesterday’s meeting, today was all about running errands to pick up more prototyping supplies with a little side trip to get the oil changed.

The result: 3 more prototypes completed, along with a possibility for another piece of the puzzle. Sorry that I’m being so vague, but it’s hard to have folks sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). Now I just need to get them to the Eastside tomorrow.

Today’s big event is overnight company, of the spare bedroom kind – and what turned into an after diner Uke performance:

And with all the Ukulele music it got us talking about Johnny wanting to try surfing again, and a fare sale out of Bellingham on Alaska to Honolulu, and suddenly we are booked for a week at the end of January using my freebie upgrade coupons.

Damn, life is hard.


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