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Dec '10

Not My Favorite Travel Day.

United, oh United, why must you be Untied as usual. May the integration with Continental improve your lot in life.

The flight was at 10:55, but wait, they’ve changed my flights, it’s now at 12:15pm, but a direct (1-stop) flight…. But on checking my bag in… oh, that flight is now at 1:15pm, and you’ll miss your connection…. Connection? Same flight number? Equipment change. Why not give it two numbers?

Had I had my original flight, the one I specifically chose so that I’d have a two hour layover in Los Angeles, I would have made my second flight. Instead, I spend an extra couple of hours in Seattle, six hours in Los Angeles, waiting for a delayed flight coming in from Colorado Springs, to arrive in Albuquerque at 1am – missing the free shuttle to the hotel ($11.00 with tip), and missing the lunar eclipse – well, I guess I can wait another 472 years for a Solstice Lunar Eclipse.

I feel another Customer Service letter coming on.

Suddenly the two free drink coupons United sent me with their Christmas card are looking like faint praise.

And just to add to the weirdness… my hotel room at the Hawthorn Suites had no alarm clock… according to the front desk it was supposed to, but at 2am when I needed to set it, there was no one in maintenance to replace it. Wake up call, please.

Did the computer thing for an hour before heading to bed for a 6 hour nap.

Hopefully thee will be a hot breakfast in the morning.


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