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Dec '10

Christmas Eve.

A.K.A. Package Unwrapping Day One.

Wow. Out of bed at 8:30… damn sun. Not used to that in Seattle.



WOW – both photos suck. I must point out that gifts from “The Colonels” show up in both photos – the top, the live rosemary bush they sent to my parents, and below, the two license plates shey sent me for Christmas…. AFI – the license plates for the US Air Force stationed in Italy. WOW. I felt the package and assumed two Kentucky plates (which I would have passed one to Julian)… but now I just stunned. For those that don’t know, I’ve sort of started collecting really weird license plates… the stack and store easily.

In between: red barons (champagne and cranberry juice), pate, crackers, chili – for tomorrow there is the 12.5 pound standing rib roast for after the morning present defrocking next door at the in-laws…. Must mention that tonight we were joined by more random relatives…. Jameson and Julian’s mom and husband – thank the present goddess that I wrap spare packages for unexpected guests (and luckily I still had two spare bottles of wine for the return trip home!).

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A.K.A. Package Unwrapping Day One.”

  1. Jordon Kritikos Says:

    Hi I just dropped by and wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas. Let all your wishes come true for you and your family and lets hope the next year be prosperous for all us.